I’m spending a bit of time today on International Womens Day reflecting on my experience of equity.  I’m aware on a daily basis that as a woman business owner and a woman in architecture / the construction industry I am still a minority and I frequently face the challenges that can bring.  But I’m also aware of the privilege of my situation and that I’ve had, and continue to have, amazing opportunities that other women in the UK and around the world only dream of.

As a mum of two teenage daughters I encourage us to have balanced conversations that acknowledge the past and present realities whilst looking ambitiously to the future, positively seeking change that has equity in all aspects at its heart.

In the past I know I have been passive about the lack of equity in the industry I work in whilst I navigate my way through what has felt very dominantly to be a man’s world but I’m committed now to putting my head above the parapet – it’s definitely time!

So in the spirit of “deeds not words” I’m going to apply to volunteer for Girls Out Loud and hope that I can do a bit more to support the next generation of amazing women.  And I’m also going to more actively support the organisations that are seeking equity in my industry.

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